Quality Policy

1. Provide quality services to our customer:

Services are tangible in nature. We believe in providing quality services to our customers and the parameters which influence our services are as follows:

A. Information: We provide updated information about our services to our customers so that the customers are updated and have good knowledge about product and services. This can be sent to them using different channels like Emails, Brochures, Phone, and Dockets etc.

B. Location: Location plays very important role where, the customer can reach easily and same way we can reach and provide best quality of services to our customers within the time period of services expected by customers. So that customers demands are fulfilled on time. We also provide once in a week free of charge collection of materials services to our customers.

C. Economic Pricing: We provide economic pricing for test charges to our customers and as per our market competitors. We see that our customers are benefited at any cost on price as well as service.

D. Accuracy: we have well maintained equipments and machines which are timely calibrated as per norms specified by various standards; so that results generated are accurate.

E. Qualified staff: We have well qualified staff to perform different tasks with higher level of skills to meet the accuracy demands. To achieve this training is provided to employees so as to enhance their skills; update technical and physical knowledge and can give a better output on the job. Ultimately qualified staff leads to quality services.

F. On time delivery: We believe that “time is precious” and planned activities leads to better success. To help our customer to comply his time targets, we put all our efforts to achieve on dot delivery of reports for the test services demanded by customer. We provide on time delivery of reports regarding test that are performed to our customers because time is valuable and precious to all, and a “late is to lost penny”. Therefore we also look forward that whatever the products or services that are to be delivered to customer are being delivered to them within the scheduled time.

G. Communication: We keep continuous communication with our customers in the form of Emails, Verbal and physical visits through which there is no any communication gap between us. We also take reviews and feedback from our customers regarding services that are provided to them. So that necessary steps could be taken to improve them in future and provide them with best quality of services.

2. Adhere to good laboratory practice: The phrase “good laboratory practice or GLP “specifically refers to a quality system of management controls for research laboratories and organizations to try to ensure the uniformity, consistency, reliability, reproducibility, quality, and integrity of chemical (including pharmaceuticals) non-clinical safety tests; from physio-chemical properties through acute to chronic toxicity tests. Therefore we believe that adhering to good laboratory practices would lead to quality outcome.

3. Continually improve the effectiveness of the system to enhance customer satisfaction: We believe in continuous improvement in our services through research and development; customer and employees feedback for the growth of our company. Mainly the customer satisfaction achieved in this way shall definitely reflect in profits and growth of company.

4. Comply with the applicable legal and other requirement: We see to it that all the activities or services in which we are indulged are complied as per legal requirement and according to law. We are ready to comply necessary requirements as requested by customer and vendor to enhance services thus satisfaction.

5. Enhance competence of employee to achieve higher standards of performance: We enhance competition between employees on basis of their department performance and individual performance. This is introduced in the “PMS” where performance level of every department and every individual employee would be rated and accordingly necessary steps would be taken to overcome the drawbacks and improve the strengths of the employees. In this way as the performance level of employees increases the company will also achieve higher standards of performance and provide a better output.

6. Protect environment and be safety conscious: Environment refers to nature and surroundings. Nature refers to god, so to protect our environment we see to it that no harm is caused to environment by our human activities. We have currently implemented the “Reuse” activity in our company. In “Reuse” activity whatever the waste materials like broken blocks, aggregates are given free of charge to one’s who need them for construction of compound walls, as well as for embarkment. Safe environment helps us to provide quality services “No harm to environment leads to no harm to humans”.

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