Consumer or customer or buyer of the house property essentially looks from his emotional, commercial, family, amneties needs rather than quality of construction, durability of construction and of course structural stability.

Thus we suggest they should look out for following check list apart from their finances and loans.

Consumer Construction Quality Check List :

  • Structural Issues
    1. Design fault
    2. Improper construction of major structural members
    3. Condition of roof
  • Construction quality issues
    1. Honey combing of column, beam etc
    2. Surface cracks
    3. Improper tiling works
    4. Quality of material use
  • Other Aspects
    1. Plumbing including water pressure
    2. Electrical wiring
    3. Insulation
    4. Condition of boundary wall
    5. Passage and stair case
    6. Essential amnesties like lift, water tank, pump room, meter room etc.
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