Building Contractor

Looking at the volume of professionals and artisans involved in building construction working with a building owner who is a non-professional, it will be a HELL talking to each of them. There is a need for a firm to harness all this together and do all the jobs required. The contractor brings a team of all the required professionals together, oversees the construction and ensures that all necessary measures are taken to execute a project. A building contractor is an organization that engages in the Planning, Developing and Coordinating activities in the building of structures.

The building contractor draws up a plan to carry out the construction project. This extends anywhere from hiring workers to developing a step-by-step timeline that the project will follow from start to finish. The building contractor is responsible for hiring, supervising, firing and payment of workers alongside obtaining materials for the project to precise specifications, mostly using the services of suppliers.

The building contractor must also do his/her research regarding relevant regulations and laws guiding the construction process, he has the responsibility of completing the project in a law abiding manner. He acquire all necessary licenses and permits from relevant entities so that the building project can begin. In Nigeria for example you need a building approval, you pay development levies to mention a few.

He/she works based on agreed contract sum with building owners so, he controls Budget issues, follow that budget as closely as possible though there might be slight variation at the end of the project. He/she ensures that the project is completed within the specified time frame as well as reviewing the progress and implementing any changes along the course of completion.

The building contractor deals with all emergencies and surprises which relate to the project that occurs on-site and sometimes off-site as well that affects the project. For instance the issue of land merchants popularly called omo-onile prominent in southern Nigeria as they disturb construction work and threatens safety of workmen. The contractor is of inestimable value when thinking about building a structure.

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