Structural Audit

Why and When ???

The structural stability is affected by number of reasons such as Aging, Construction Quality, Exposure condition, External forces etc. The Structural Audit is a process of assessing the present health of structure, identifying the loads & forces acting on the structure, identifying the effects of these loads and forces and finally assessing the stability & safety of the structure to withstand for its remaining life.

If the structural audits are carried out on regular intervals of 5 years, it helps to identify the problems in the initial stage. After structural audit, If the required repairs / Rehabilitation and preventive maintenance is carried out regularly, it substantially reduces the overall maintenance / repair cost of the structure. Stitch in time saves nine.

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The Structural Audit is carried out mainly for:

  • As a statutory requirement:
    1. After every 5 years as per Inspector of factories
    2. After 30 years at every 3 years as per Municipal Act
    3. After 15 years at every 5 years and after 30 years at every 3 years as per Co-operative society Act.
  • For Insurance
  • For Bank – Mortgage
  • For Valuation
  • Structure showing Distress
  • Proposed Additions , Alterations , Extensions in building / structure
  • For Damage assessment due to earthquake, fire, blast, vibration, corrosion etc.

Our Structural Audit Services include:

Part A – Visual Survey

  • Visual inspections of individual building / structures from inside and outside and to study present status of different structural members.
  • Study of Architectural / RCC / Structural drawings ( If available )
  • Photographic Survey
  • Noting various observations such as :
    1. Load transfer system,
    2. Structural framing system,
    3. Structural deficiencies,
    4. Settlement if any,
    5. Cracks in RCC members,
    6. Cracks in masonry / plaster,
    7. Leakages,
    8. Loads on structure,
    9. Defects in non-structural elements etc.
  • Identification of broad areas / locations in the structure requiring further detail investigation and for conducting various ND Tests.

Part B – Non Destructive Evaluation

  • To Conduct Non Destructive tests as required in detail visual survey

Part C – Repair & Rehabilitation Consultancy

  • To prepare detail report of visual inspection & various ND tests
  • Interpretation of ND test results.
  • Diagnosis & Root cause analysis of the problems / observations
  • To prepare Repair & Rehabilitation scheme to make structure durable, healthy and to stand for a long life.
  • Prepare technical specifications & draft tender document for repair and rehabilitation.
  • Prepare detail estimate for the same
  • Scrutinize the tender documents.
  • Periodically visits to inspect the work
  • Issue Structural Stability Certification after completion of entire job.

Activities under testing services division are grouped under this business segment specifically for Refractory, Mineral and Concrete Industry, Product techno-commercial audit to aid decision making on its out-sourcing, process optimization, raw material source management etc. Plant techno-commercial audit – to understand the product mix at site, product and plant viability, manpower and infra-structure utilization etc.

Is there is any legal regulation???

Latest Model Bye Laws of Housing Societies :

  • Clause 77 (a) state that it is compulsory and management and in turn society is responsible for the same.
  • As per Clause 77 (a) (1) any building having age between 15 to 30 years had to do structural audit once in a 5 years.
  • As per Clause 77 (a) (2) any building having age above 30 years had to do structural audit once in 3 years.

Maharashtra Government is bringing a notification in this respect and provisions of these are :

  1. Penalty of Rs. 50000/- and
  2. disconnection of water and electricity of the society failing to comply the structural audit norms.

Is it that important???

YES!!! Advantages of Structural Audit

  • To save LIFE & PROPERTY and warn about any potential threats as regards failures.
  • To know the health of the building and to protect / project the expected future life.
  • Highlight the critical areas that need to be attended with immediate effect.
  • To proactively assist the residents and the society to understand the seriousness of the problems and the urgency required to attend the same.
  • To comply with Municipal or any other statutory requirements.

Is it a costly process???

Cost in this case is totally depends on the kind of deterioration of the building. It had been observed that any building maintained properly / under proper paint & repair over a period of time lead to good results during audit investigation with very minor cost impact as compare to major repair work or demolition and rebuilding.

Who can do this job for me???

Bye Law permits the management committee to get this work done from the respective municipal corporations approved architect / structural engineer / organization panel members.

Structural Audit carried out by RK Infra include:

RK Infra is Thane based testing, inspection and auditing service provider does these jobs for many housing sector developers with their partners for more than 20 years. We are registered with various municipal corporations for providing services to the customers from Government and private sectors.

RK Infra has ful-fledged set up to carry out these types of activities and enjoy its status as knowledgeable and customer oriented service provider.

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