The special demands of cement manufacturing have always required specialized refractories – especially now, when more and more alternative fuels are used. Each step of the cement making process is different, putting different demands on the refractories lining it. No single refractory, or refractory type, suits all applications.

We have the resources, know-how and technical expertise to answer your refractory needs, and we are committed to providing first-class service for both refractory and process problems.

From the detailed pre-delivery consultation and installation follow-up that is part of our basic contract through to complete Refractory Management, we can supply the level of service you require. Our consultants and technicians are always available to serve your needs and answer your questions. In the cement kiln system physical wear is more prevalent in the lower part of the kiln system, like Cooler, TAD etc., caused by clinker. We can assess this property of the material pre-hand as per ASTM C 704 and ensure reliability of the product. The use of alternative fuels results in increased salt concentration in the kiln system environment. Materials with low pore size and permeability are preferred to avoid excessive infiltration and condensation of salts in the refractory pores leading to bursting. Again RK Infra techno-clinic services PVT. LTD. can come in handy at this stage.

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