RK Infra Techno-clinic services PVT. LTD. analyze it for its suitability, durability, repair and rehabilitation. We had exposure to develop concrete mix design ranging from M20 to M120 for various Builder and Govt. Contractors for specific applications all the ingredients of concrete like aggregates, sand, admixtures, fly ash, silica fume etc. were also analyzed for their quality and suitability in given Mix. We have even developed Readymade Plaster for our customer with advantages like uniform quality, better finish and high strength.

We offer following services:

  • Testing of Building Materials like Cement, Aggregate, Sand, Fly ash, Gypsum. Plaster of Paris, GGBS, Micro silica, Water, Admixture, Bitumen, Soil, Steel TMT, Plywood, Laminates, Tiles, Marble, Granite, Paver Blocks, Bricks and Aluminium panels, Concealed Pipes etc.
  • Concrete Mix Design - Normal design up to M70, Special Mix designs, High Performance, Self flow/ Pumpable etc
  • Non Destructive Testing - Rebound hammer, Ultrasonic pulse Velocity measurements, Core cutting, capping and testing.
  • Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) - Entire Plant set up, Quality Management, Supply of RMC.
  • Quality Assurance of Construction Site - Quality management of housing complex project right from soil, water, incoming raw material and mix design and day today concrete quality.
  • We also provide assistance in product development for Ready Made Plaster(RMP), colour Concrete and many such innovative products.
  • We train semi skilled, skilled and management staff of the developers for concreting skills like concrete design, preparation, placement and concrete cost management.
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of old concrete structures.
  • Quality Plan development for site, Material supplier technical evaluation/Vendor Audit for the developers
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