Structural Repairs


The main purpose of repairs is to bring back the architectural shape of the building so that all services start working and the functioning of building is resumed quickly. Repair does not pretend to improve the structural strength of the building and can be very deceptive for meeting the strength requirements of the next earthquake. The actions will include the following:

  • Patching up of defects such as cracks and fall of plaster.
  • Re-building non-structural walls, smoke chimneys, boundary walls, etc.
  • Re-plastering of walls as required.
  • Rearranging disturbed roofing tiles.
  • Relaying cracked flooring at ground level.
  • Redecoration whitewashing, painting, etc.

The architectural repairs as stated above do not restore the original structural strength of cracked walls or columns and may sometimes be very illusive, since the redecorates building will hide all the weaknesses and the building will suffer even more severe damage if shaken again by an equal shock since the original energy absorbing capacity will not be available.


It is the restoration of the strength the building had before the damage occurred. This type of action must be undertaken when there is evidence that the structural damage can be attributed to exceptional phenomena that are not likely to happen again and that the original strength provides an adequate level of safety. The main purpose of restoration is to carry out structural repairs to load bearing elements. It may involve cutting portions of the elements and rebuilding them or simply adding more structural material so that the original strength is more or less restored. The process may involve inserting temporary supports, underpinning, etc. Some of the approaches are stated below:

  • Removal of portions of cracked masonry walls and piers and rebuilding them in richer mortar. Use of no shrinking mortar will be preferable.
  • Addition of reinforcing mesh on both -faces of the cracked wall, holding it to the wall through spikes or bolts and then covering it suitably. Several alternatives have been used.
  • Injecting epoxy like material, which is strong in tension, into the cracks in walls, columns, beams, etc.

Where structural repairs are considered necessary, these should be carried out prior to or simultaneously with the architectural repairs so that total planning of work could be done in a coordinated manner and wastage is avoided.

Our own directly employed technicians undergo extensive training with regular refresher training and examinations. This keeps our skills at the level our customers expect and their buildings rightly deserve.

Structural repairs carried out by RK Infra Techno-clinic services PVT. LTD. analyze it for its suitability, durability, repair and rehabilitation. include:

Crack Stitching, Corner Stitching, Wall Stabilization and Consolidation, Grouting, Lintel Repairs, Arch Repair, Creation of Movement Joints, Parapet Stabilization, Bridge Repairs, Loading Improvements, Lateral Restraint, Creation of Load Bearing Masonry Beams, Cavity Wall Tie Replacement, Upgrading Cavity Wall Ties, Pinning of Concrete Panels, Concrete Repairs, Retaining Wall Repairs and Anchoring, Ground Anchors, Specialist Anchors for Loading, Repointing and Rendering, Timber Engineering, Specialist Diamond Drilling, Structural Waterproofing, Deck Waterproofing.

We work with all manner of constructions including stone, brick, block, timber, concrete, steel and other local/historic materials.

If our list of structural services does not match the repair you think your building or structure requires, please contact us and ask to speak with one of our technical Structural Repair representatives who will be happy to discuss your specific requirements in detail.

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