RK Infra Techno-clinic services PVT. LTD. engages in trading of specialty products required for housing and infrastructure industry. The basis of trading is :

  1. Products developed by R&D team of RK Infra
  2. Products approved by RK Infra for their qualified manufacturing sources
  3. Solutions designed for manufacturing partners
  4. Innovative products

This insures core business philosophy of RK Infra Techno-clinic services PVT. LTD. to be commited to quality products and altimately quality life to the end users.

List of products:

  1. Brick bond materials- bonding materials for red brick wall ,fly ash brick, AAC blocks,etc.
  2. Ready-made plaster(RMP)-
    1. General RMP-For external application
    2. General RMP-For internal application
    3. Durable Plaster-Water proof and crack proof
    4. Decorative Plaster
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