The special demands of cement manufacturing have always required specialized refractories-especially now, when more and more alternative fuels are used....

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    We analyze it for its suitability, durability, repair and rehabilitation. We had exposure to develop concrete mix design ranging from M20 to M120...

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  • RMC


    Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)-Entire Plant set up, Quality Management, Supply of RMC...

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  • NDT


    Non destructive test(NDT) is a method of testing existing concrete structures to assess the strength and durability of concrete structure...

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  • Structural_Audit

    Structural Audit

    The Structural Audit is a process of assessing the present health of structure, identifying the loads forces acting on the structure...

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  • Structural_Repair

    Structural Repair

    Restoration and rehabilitation of old concrete structures....

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  • Testing


    Testing of Building Materials like Cement, Aggregate, Sand, Fly ash, Gypsum. Plaster of Paris, GGBS, Micro silica, Water, ...

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  • Training


    We train semi skilled, skilled and management staff of the developers for concreting skills like...

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  • Trading


    We do trade finished products of Indian Manufacturers as well overseas partners this includes ceramic fibers, rope, boards. Minerals like...

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